Webinar Presentation: Sustainable Packaging for the Organic Trade

The non-profit I work for, the Food Trade Sustainability Leadership Association, held a webinar on “Sustainable Packaging for the Organic Trade.” Part of my job is developing and implementing these webinars and presenting in many of them. I’m posting the agenda and a link to the slides below.

Sustainable Packaging for the Organic Trade

Download presentations here




Pangea's soap packaging uses seed-embedded paper which can be planted, yielding new plants and zero waste

Tom Wright, Sustainable Business Practices
Robert Combs, Burt’s Bees
Brie Johnson, Straus Creamery

Melissa Schweisguth, FTSLA; Tessa Young, OTA; Natalie Reitman-White, FTSLA

Overview: Packaging is necessary to ensure product quality and safety. Yet, it adds ecological, social and financial costs, impacting companies, the environment and consumer perception. Sustainable packaging is becoming an increasingly important area, bringing many opportunities, questions and challenges, as well as the development of guidelines and metrics to assess performance.

1. Business case & Organic-oriented packaging guidelines: Tom Wright,
a. Business case for responsible packaging
b. Principles and guidelines for responsible packaging
c. Developing organic industry guidelines: how interested parties can engage
d. Key resources for more information

2. What companies are doing: Burt’s Bees, Robert Combs
a. Best practice examples/success storied of materials selection and design optimization from retail unit to pallet configuration
b. Engaging and educating suppliers, customers and consumers
c. Recommended resources

3. What companies are doing: Straus Family Creamery, Brie Johnson
a. Lifecycle analysis of packaging impact
b. Materials selection: glass
c. Returnable bottles: benefits and logistics

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