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Socially Responsible and Sustainable Business, Professional Audience

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Socially Responsible and Sustainable Living and Business, General Audience

(Also did photography for majority of pieces in Daily Tidings)

Gardening: HomeLife Magazine

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Farm Marketing Class: Class 1, Class 2 (11/2011, OSU Extension Small Farms Program)

Socially Responsible & Sustainable Business

  • Managing GHG Emissions to Save Energy, Costs and the Environment. (FTSLA/SFTA Webinar, 5/18/11)
  • Responsible Packaging, FTC Green Guides & Greenwash. (Natural Products Expo West, 3/10/11)
  • International Fair Labor & Ethical Trade. (Organicology Conference, 2/10/11)
  • Measuring the Environmental Impact of Food Products. (Sustainable Foods Summit, 1/18/11)
  • Supplier Sustainability: Standards, Code of Conduct & Purchasing Guidelines. (FTSLA Webinar, 1/20/11)
  • Employee Sustainability Engagement & Education. (FTSLA/SFTA Webinar, 11/11/10)
  • Fair Labor & Equitable Trade: Business Case, Certifications & Internal Programs, Best Practice Examples (FTSLA/SFTA Webinar, 9/10)
  • Sustainability Measurement & Reporting: Business Case, Guidance & Best Practice Examples (Expo East/ATO, 10/10)
  • Communicating Sustainable Business Practices With Integrity and Impact (FTSLA/SFTA Webinar, 6/10) (6 MB PDF)
  • Sustainability Measurement (FTSLA/SFTA Webinar 3/25/10)
  • Sustainability Certifications, Metrics and Standards (EcoFarm Conference, 1/10)
  • Measuring & Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (FTSLA/SFTA Webinar 12/17/09)
  • Measuring & Communicating Organic Benefits (Natural Products Expo East, 10/09)
  • Measuring & Communicating Organic Benefits (Organic Summit, 6/09)


  • Chocolate Unlocking the Mystery from Bean to Bar (Oregon Chocolate Festival, 3/11)
    • Presentation for adults (18 MB)
    • Presentation for children and families (18 MB PDF)
  • Behind the Label: Certifications and Chocolate (Southern Oregon Chocolate Alliance, 2010) (9.5 MB PDF)

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