Work Project: Sierra Leone Agricultural Value Chain Analysis for USAID/Feed the Future

In July-August 2015, I traveled to Sierra Leone (Salone) for work (ACDI/VOCA), to lead an agricultural value chain analysis commissioned by USAID. The analysis will inform a planned Feed the Future program in the country.

Sierra Leone grabbed my heart in many ways….more on that later.

For now, here’s the report.

“A Feed the Future (FTF) program is being planned for Sierra Leone, encompassing diversified, nutrition-sensitive agriculture. In order to inform program design and focus, USAID contracted the present analysis of several agricultural commodity value chains in Tonkolili and Bombali: 1) animal protein (excluding fish and cattle), 2) grains (for food and feed), 3) horticulture (excluding tree crops), and 4) legumes/pulses (for food and feed).” Target districts: Bombali and Tonkolili.

Thanks/tanki to the fantastic research team (most from from Salone, one from Uganda, one from the U.S., and several terrific ACDI/VOCA HQ colleagues):

“This publication was produced for review by the United States Agency for International Development. It was prepared by Melissa A. Schweisguth, David Dupras, Braima James, Ph. D., Robert Kagbo, Ph. D., Scott Bode, Farrel Elliot, Hugh Kweku Fraser, Juana Blyden Bhonopha, Momoh-Fonigay Lavahun, Ph. D., Kabanda L. Samson and Denis Lansana; with research support from Alusine Bakaar, Ashley Dean, Morgan Mercer and William Vu, with funding from USAID/E3’s Leveraging Economic Opportunities (LEO) project.”

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