I’m an international development professional focused on inclusive market systems development with an extensive background in the private sector (food, agriculture, chocolate/cacao, confectionery; sustainable/socially responsibly business and sourcing, marketing), equitable trade advocacy, research, and some freelance writing.  I’ve limited site updates to posting public deliverables for work projects since I completed grad school and resumed full time external employment in 2015.


Seasoned professional with expertise in inclusive market systems analysis, program design, advising and implementation; proposal design and writing, quantitative and qualitative research and analysis, food/agriculture sector, international development, sustainable business and sourcing; communications, and marketing. Experience spans 16+ years in corporate, non-profit and research environments. Dual M.S. in Agricultural Economics, and International Agricultural Development at UC Davis.

Objective: Seeking to apply my passion and capacities to foster inclusive growth and resilience for marginalized populations in international development, humanitarian, and relief/crisis contexts.

My M.S. thesis focused on analyzing the effects of the Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ Certified certifications on cacao farmers’ net incomes and yields in Côte d’Ivoire.

MeGrenadaCacaoTree1Please feel free to check out my background and LinkedIn profile, and follow me on twitter @maschweisguth.