Welcome to Full Circle Food and Market Systems, a consultancy focused on fostering responsible and sustainable agricultural sourcing, inclusive market systems development, and corporate sustainability/social responsibility with mutual benefits for all stakeholders. Services include:

  • sustainable/responsible sourcing: program strategy, design, implementation, evaluation and communications
  • inclusive market systems development: analysis, program strategy and design, advising, training and implementation
  • proposals: technical design, writing, analysis, research (field and desk)
  • sustainable/responsible business: program strategy, design, implementation, evaluation, and communications
  • quantitative and qualitative research and analysis
  • agricultural economics and economic analysis

I bring 16+ years’ experience across NGO, nonprofit, private sector and academic roles with a focus on the food, chocolate/cacao and agriculture sectors, and international development (agricultural and non-agricultural sectors). For details on my experience, capacities and accomplishments, please see my background and LinkedIn profile.

Dual M.S. in Agricultural Economics, and International Agricultural Development at UC Davis. My M.S. thesis focused on analyzing the effects of the Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ Certified certifications on cacao farmers’ net incomes and yields in Côte d’Ivoire.

MeGrenadaCacaoTree1Please feel free to follow me on twitter @maschweisguth.