Favorite Chocolates (update ongoing)

Since people have asked…ChocolateLabelCollage copy

Favorite chocolates, alpha order (though if I had to pick a few to take to a desert island: Grenada Chocolate, Upchurch, Theo 85%, Dick Taylor Belize, El Ceibo, Taza choco-nibs). Not a judgment, just my tastes. Omission does not indicate dislike…may not have tried it. Will not refuse free samples! (NOTE: Bars in parentheses are discontinued or significantly changed, my old flames so to speak.)

AMMA Chocolate 85% (Brazil)

Big Tree Farms Wonder Chocolate (Indonesia), big block in Frederick’s fridge circa 2012

Cacao Atlanta…

(Dagoba Conacado 73%/DR, discontinued; and Eclipse 87%/blend before they changed to RA Certified sources)

Dick Taylor Belize 72%

Dick Taylor Sambirano 72% (Madagascar)

El Ceibo 77% with nibs & salt (Bolivia, farmer co-op owned). With Upchurch, my latest wow.

Grenada Chocolate – All darks except salty-licious, especially 82% and 99% (made at origin, amazing…visit Grenada and try their confections at Belmont Estate)

Guittard 72% baking wafers/couverture (blend)

La Maison Acarigua 56% with nibs (blend)

CacaoLeafFramed1 copyLa Maison du Chocolate 99% (blend)

Marou Ben Tre 78%, Lam Dong 74% also good. (Viet Nam)

Mesocacao Nicaragua 80%

Michel Cluizel Vila Gracinda 67% (Sao Tomé)

Oakland Chocolate, Jamaica 70%

Raaka Bourbon-cask aged 82% (Belize?)

Ritter Marzipan (yeah, it’s a candy bar)

(Schaffen Berger 82%, 2012 and prior maybe)

Taza chocolate-covered cocoa-dusted nibs

Taza 80% stone-ground Dominican Republic

Tcho 99% (blend)

Theo: 85% (my go-to “everyday” chocolate), Congo chili bar (discontinued?), Sea Salt 70% (World Bike Relief), Congo 65% vanilla-nib, Coconut curry, PB cups). Also, A+ integrity and ethical sourcing practices – sector model.

Upchurch Tanzania and Madagascar. Unbelievable that founders are current and former college students new to sector. Amazing beans (type, fermentation) and finished product (complex, lasting finish, perfect mouthfeel).


Cacao powder

Anthony’s Almonds Organic – In bulk (online), amazing value for the quality

Grenada Chocolate Organic



Big Tree Farms cashew-cacao nib clusters, with a touch of palm sugar.

Maise Jane’s organic dark-chocolate covered sea salt cashews (got these at Davis Food Co-op in bulk. Ask company where to buy.). Addictive.

Sunridge chocolate-covered cashews. Decent substitute for the above in a pinch (in bulk at TPSS Co-op, other food co-ops and many Whole Foods stores)




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