Webinar Presentation: Measuring & Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

I coordinated and presented in another webinar for the Food Trade Sustainability Leadership Association, focused on “Managing GHG Emissions to Save Energy, Costs and the Environment.”

My presentation focused on the issues analysis and business case, and slides are available as a PDF. Other presentations can be downloaded at FTSLA’s website. Summary and session  information below.


Measuring and managing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) is critical for our industry. GHG emissions are directly tied to energy use, one of the biggest costs for business. They also contribute to global climate change, which has significant impacts on agriculture and supply chains. To thrive in this arena, companies must work to account for and reduce emissions from their operations as well as external activities.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Why should organic companies measure & reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions?
  • How do we measure GHG emissions from operations and external activities from farming through retail and end use
  • How do we set reduction goals and a strategy for action?
  • What kinds of reduction projects are most cost-effective and beneficial?
  • What are organic peers doing to measure and reduce GHG emissions?
  • What methods, tools and resources are available to implement and advance our efforts?


  • Melissa Schweisguth, FTSLA
  • Kelly Hoell, Good Company
  • Alissa Becker, Environmental and Philanthropy Coordinator, UNFI
  • Susan Stewart, Organic & Sustainability Coordinator, The Wedge Co-op
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