Fruity Reuse & Repurposing Idea: Fruit Sticker Art & Tape

When I was a kid, fruit stickers weren’t on every piece of fruit. We were lucky to find one on a bunch of bananas. We didn’t get a lot of “real” stickers as kids and thus we treasured those fruit stickers. My mom would dole them out to us (no pun intended) carefully.

These days, I’ve come to lament the presence of those sticky plastic things on fruit and vegetables, since they’re non-renewable and non-recyclable.

However, they are reusable, which is better than recycling since it saves new resources you’d use for a particular purpose, as well as landfill load. Creative reuse is a great way to turn “trash” into resource, and transform a positive into negative. (Regardless, I’d still love to see non-plastic fruit stickers made of renewable materials and non-toxic inks that I could compost….)

If you put them on paper with a waxed surface (reused preferable), they can be saved and used instead of tape. (Note: If you put them on a plastic bag, they’ll become affixed and not removable for reuse.) Thus, family members receive gifts wrapped in reused paper with fruity affixations. They’re great for partly used seed packets and many other uses.

They’re also reuseful and repurposeful for arts and crafts, from handmade cards to pinwheels and more. Here are a few pieces from my “5 a Day Series” as an example.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade…and find a way to put that ubiquitous sticker on the lemon to good reuse!

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1 Response to Fruity Reuse & Repurposing Idea: Fruit Sticker Art & Tape

  1. Marion says:

    A very clever idea. Thanks for the tip.

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