Articles: Zero Waste/Master Recyclers & Staying Warm in Sustainable Style

My two latest sustainable living articles are in the Mail Tribune and HomeLife Magazine. Note that clicking on the article title takes you to the publication website which requires readers to register if you want to read more than a few articles monthly. To read any of these pieces, click “no thanks” to skip registration and see the copy, or click on the PDF to read an archived document.

Waste Not: Green living master recyclers live zero waste lifestyles, Mail Tribune, 1/30/11. (PDF)

Profiles the Master Recyclers program, which helps individuals and businesses learn about the waste cycle from production and consumption through disposal and landfill diversion, and implement strategies to reduce materials input and waste (to landfill) output.

Staying Warm in Sustainable Style, HomeLife Magazine, February 2011 (1/27/11) (PDF)

Offers tips to conserve the energy needed to heat your home when temperatures fall, including free and easy, low-cost improvements, and more significant equipment and home upgrades.


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