Webinar Presentation: Sustainable Supply Chain Strategies

I coordinated and presented in another webinar for the Food Trade Sustainability Leadership Association, focused on “Sustainable Supply Chains: Purchasing Guidelines, Supplier Standards & Certifications.”

My presentation focused on the background issues and business case, and slides are available as a PDF. Other presentations can be downloaded at FTSLA’s website. Summary and session  information below.


From farm to retail, organic businesses rely on numerous vendors for key materials and services such as ingredients, equipment, energy, packaging, inbound shipping and distribution, office supplies and more. This means that our supply and distribution chains have a big effect on the sustainability impacts and costs associated with our products. Engaging suppliers around sustainability issues is critical to address these impacts, for the benefit of our businesses and the greater good.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Key issues
  • Business case
  • Methods for sustainable procurement: purchasing guidelines supplier standards, certifications
  • Developing standards and choosing certifications
  • Implementing standards – internal and external activities
  • How non-compliance and challenges are handled
  • Best practice examples and guidance from organic industry peers
  • Benefits for companies, suppliers, business customers and consumers


  • Melissa Schweisguth, FTSLA: Key issues and business case
  • Ron Leppert, Grocery Manager, Sundance Natural Foods: Case study, Sustainable procurement guidelines
  • Kathy Larson, VP Sustainability, Frontier Co-op: Case study, supplier standards and certifications
  • Ella Silverman, Clif Bar & Company: Case study, supplier standards
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