Article: 11 Resolutions for a Healthy Planet & Healthy You

My latest article on sustainable living is focused on New Year’s Resolutions. Note that clicking on the article title takes you to the publication website which requires readers to register if you want to read more than a few articles monthly. To read the piece, click “no thanks” to skip registration and see the copy, or click on PDF to open a PDF file.

11 Resolutions for 2011: Planning for Personal & Planetary HealthOregon Healthy Living, January 2011 (12/17/10) (PDF)

Simple, low and no-cost, New Year’s Resolutions that are as good for the planet and your community as they are for you.

1. Connect with Nature

2. Greener Cuisine

3. Power Down

4. Earthly Energy

5. Fuel Frugality

6.  Use Less

7. Slash Your Trash

8. Be Water Wise

9. Shop Smarter

10. Support a Cause

11. Learn and Teach

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