Webinar Presentation: Communicating Sustainability Practices with Impact + Integrity

I coordinated and presented in another webinar for the Food Trade Sustainability Leadership Association, focused on “Communicating Sustainability Practices with Impact and Integrity.” The speakers were excellent and do fantastic work.

Presentations can be downloaded at FTSLA’s website. Summary and session  information below.

Summary: Consumers and other stakeholders are showing increased demand for sustainably-made products. Organic companies face an imperative and an opportunity to communicate about their good social, environmental and economic activities—beyond organic practices—and the associated benefits for communities and the environment. As sustainability claims permeate the marketplace, stakeholders are becoming more savvy and looking for verification. This engaging webinar offers valuable insights and methods to share your sustainability story—including the benefits of organic practices—with impact and integrity.


Jen Maxwell-Muir, Founder and Principal, Maxwell PR
Maria Enner-Anes, Director of Marketing & Communications, Nature’s Path
Melissa Schweisguth, Director of Membership & Education FTSLA

Learning Objectives

  1. Latest research on consumer perceptions and interests around corporate sustainability, and how this impacts the marketplace
  2. Benefits of communicating about your sustainability practices
  3. Identifying issues to focus marketing & communications
  4. Crafting a message that’s unique and authentic to your brand
  5. Maintaining integrity and avoiding ‘greenwash’
  6. Effectively targeting your audience: consumers, business customers, employees, shareholders, etc.
  7. Tips and best practices for high-impact communications
  8. Maximizing your use of different tools & venues: packaging, websites, e-newsletters, blogs, websites, social media, campaigns and more
  9. How peers are successfully implementing sustainability marketing and communications


  1. Background: External context, stakeholder insights, greenwash certifications  (Melissa Schweisguth, FTSLA
  2. Strategies for Successful Communications (Jen Maxwell-Muir, Maxwell PR)
  3. Peer best practices (Maria Enner-Anes, Nature’s Path Foods)
  4. Q&A and facilitated discussion
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