Webinar Presentation: “Reducing Climate Impact + Energy Use

The non-profit I work for, the Food Trade Sustainability Leadership Association, presented a webinar on “Reducing your climate impact and energy use.” Part of my job is to develop, coordinate and present in these.

The agenda and a link to the slides are below. We had terrific presentations offering timely, useful information and resources. FTSLA’s sustainability webinars will continue on an ongoing basis. Check the FTSLA website for topics, dates and registration information.

“Reducing your climate impact and energy use”
Download slides here

Climate change is a growing reality, with critical implications for our food supply and business. It’s also increasingly important for stakeholders. To thrive in this context, organic companies must measure and reduce emissions, and communicate how they’re making a difference.


  • Melissa Schweisguth, Dir. Membership Development & Education, FTSLA
  • Laura Batcha, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Organic Trade Association
  • Abbey Lam, Climate Group, Bonneville Environmental Foundation
  • Jennifer Harrison, Sustainability Manager, Organic Valley
  • Natalie Reitman-White, Sustainability Manager, Organically Grown Company


1. Background: Business case for addressing climate change/energy use (Melissa Schweisguth)

2. How to measure & manage GHG emissions (Abbey Lam, BEF)
a. Process for measuring & managing climate impact and energy use
b. Resources and References for information and assistance

3. What companies are doing
a. Organic Valley (Jennifer Harrison): Benefits of organic farming, efforts from farm to distribution, consumer education
b. Organically Grown Company (Natalie Reitman-White): Addressing supply to distribution chain, commuting and business travel

4. Q&A/Discussion with panelists

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