More Media on My Trash-Free Lifestyle

Simple tools for lower waste living

The TIME spotlight on how I haven’t thrown anything into a landfill since 2006 has spurred a bit of interest from other media. Here’s a list of follow up articles and interviews. It’s been great to have the opportunity to reflect on the what and how of ongoing lifestyle changes, and help educate others.

10/30/09 Jefferson Public Radio, Jefferson Exchange, “No Excess” (free Podcast will be in iTunes store – search for “Jefferson Exchange)

10/22/09 VISAO Magazine (Portugal), TIME Reprint

10/09 BBC UK (MP3 file to come)

10/13/09 Ashland Daily Tidings, “Less is More” (note article has some factual errors)

10/11/09 UK Sunday Times, “Bin Police Make you Save Every Scrap

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