Conference Presentation: Communicating the Benefits of Sustainable Business Practices

I recently presented at the Organic Summit, on a panel focused on “Measuring and Communicating Organic Benefits.”

You can download my presentation here and find more information on the conference agenda here.

The basic focus of the panel was to

  • Frame the environmental, social and economic benefits of organic farming and sustainable business models
  • Offer tools to help companies measure these
  • Characterize best practices in sustainable business across the consumer products and services industry
  • Share best practices for internal and external communications and marketing

The other presenters on the panel were incredible:

  • Thomas Dobbs, Ph. D., who does incredible research focused on defining and quantifying the benefits of organic farming for society and the environment
  • Jhana Senxian (Sustainability Guild), who has worked on extensive benchmarking of sustainability practices/programs across the corporate sector

Session background

Speakers: Jhana Senxian, Thomas Dobbs, Melissa Schweisguth
Moderators: Ron Kroese (McKnight Foundation)


Producers and consumers give many reasons for going organic, but what are the cumulative effects of organic transition? As we understand more about the specific benefits associated with organic food and fiber systems, what can we now say about the resulting impacts on public health, communities, and stewardship of the commons? How do we communicate these system-level impacts to advance public policy and the organic marketplace, and to mitigate criticism from those that question these benefits?

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